Monday, November 19, 2007

Recap and Happy Thanksgiving!

Things have been busy (as usual) so I'm catching up on some posts now while I sit in a silent house - it's very relaxing, I had forgotten how nice it is :-). We drove out to San Antonio last night to visit Mike's family for Thanksgiving and right now Mike, his dad and Chrissy are golfing and Ella and Addie just went to the park with his mom and Chloe - I'm free for a moment - yeah! I have two things I want to get done while here and I have some help with the girls and freedom from most of my daily acitivies... 1. Finish the book I mentioned recently (Three Cups of Tea) and 2. Write in Ella's journal (when her baby book ended at a year old I decided I needed a way to keep track of her continuing achievements and obstacles. I had heard of people keeping journals for their kids but that seemed like so much work, so I write a recap of the month on her "month birthday" and it has been the perfect thing for me - it gives me a deadline to write by (the 13th comes and it's time) but doesn't overwhelm me).
Here are a few pictures from the end of the week:

I'll post pictures from our trip when we get back. Mike's longtime friend Josh and his wife are living in Houston while he is in school and they are coming out here for dinner also so it should be a lot of fun. Then we're driving back to Houston Thursday night to see my family (Mack and Kayley will both be in town, my Great-Uncle and his family and hopefully my cousin who I haven't seen in years also).

At Gymboree right now we are taking donations for St. Jude's Children's Hospital and because of that and the obvious time of year we are supposed to be answering our phone "It's Thanks and Giving time at Gymboree." A cheesy way to answer the phone? Yes. But it did make me think about the word Thanksgiving in a way I hadn't before. I obviously think of it as a time to be thankful for what I am blessed to have in my life but I really like putting the emphasis on the giving part of the word also. It goes hand in hand with feeling thankful...if we are truly thankful for what we have we should want to give back to others as well.

So, Happy Thanks and Giving to everyone! Enjoy your tasty meals and your visits with family and friends!

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