Saturday, November 24, 2007

San Antonio Thanksgiving

Here are the highlights of our San Antonio Thanksgiving...
Mike and I went on a real date to Austin - just to eat at Baja Fresh (yes, we drove 1 1/2 hours just to eat and then turned around and drove 1 1/2 hours right back). It was nice to have time with just the two of us and made me remember our pre-baby days when we enjoyed Baja Fresh meals in Utah. It was soooo nice to not have to worry about feeding anyone else while I enjoyed my meal!
While we were gone the rest of the gang had a fun filled day at the San Antonio Children's Museum.
Ella has talked about it a lot since and had lots of fun exploring (despite an upset tummy due to her still present issue with pooping in the potty).
Addie enjoyed making messes as usual.
And tried to look big next to the huge chess set. She's so cute :-)!
They had a little mini-airplane too - just like a real one I'm told. It sounded like a really fun little excursion for the girls! Thanks Meema and Papa.
We also had a serious ping pong/pool tournament while there - with the winning team taking home the $50 pot. We did a double-elimination bracket (this was serious business!) alternating pool and ping pong.
I was not on top of my ping pong game but did surprisingly well at pool (not typically my forte). I was so amazed at my sudden pool playing skills that after one of my amazing shots went in :-) I was overcome by excitement and jumped into the air, jamming my pool stick into their ceiling. Woops! Luckily it didn't break through the dry wall and just a left a little mark - a reminder of my craziness or my astonishing talent - depending on how you look at it :-).
Mike and I made it to the championship round against Chrissy and Steve but eventually lost in pool (it was a close finish, coming right down to the 8 ball shot at the end...I of course missed and set them up for their victory shot).
The girls always get a kick out of the Freeman dogs, Rembrandt and Rusty. Addie was especially entertained this trip. I would walk out on the porch with her, the dogs would run up to us and she would just let out a big belly laugh.
Aunt Brittany and Ella...we got to meet her boyfriend Ili on this trip as well which was fun. We had heard a lot about him and it is nice to now know who he is!
Addie got sick on Thanksgiving day (I did too and we both made trips to the doctor today - I'll write more about that later) and was so lethargic that she just layed on us. She NEVER does this - so it was cute to have a cuddler but so sad because we knew she was definitely not feeling like herself! In Freeman terms her little "lights were out."
The whole clan. Mike's friend Josh and his wife Stephanie were there for dinner as well. She is expecting their first child in the spring (a boy!).

Our trip was tons of fun and went by sooo fast. I managed to accomplish almost both of my goals (I have 3 more chapters of my book) and we were able to relax quite a bit (although we didn't get quite as much sleep as needed - Ella had a hard time going to sleep when she could hear us all having fun and Mike and I would stay up late with everyone but still have to get up at our regular hour with the girls).

We love having both our families so close together. Ella takes so long to warm up to people and was so at ease this trip that it made me very thankful we are able to see them many times through out the year instead of just on holidays. Our children will be fortunate enough to have strong bonds with their all their grandparents (and aunts and uncles) and Mike and I both truly enjoy hanging out with each others' families.
I'll post about our last 2 days back here in Houston with my fam later.

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Ben, Sarah & Eli said...

Ben and I are laughing that you guys drove so far to eat at Baja Fresh!! And that's exciting news about Josh and his wife.