Thursday, November 1, 2007

Trick or Treat

We had a fun Halloween night...It's tradition for my mom to make taco soup on Halloween so we went over to their house to eat first and then did our trick-or treating around their neighborhood. There are many benefits to this system: *We get a tasty meal I didn't make *We don't have to buy candy to pass out at our house and *we were able to put Addie to bed and both take Ella trick-or-treating still *It's fun to be with family on holidays. Here are some pictures from the night...
Ella loves to take pictures with the camera - this was one that you could actually see both Addie's face and mine.

Our cute clown and chick together.
Ella and Nana - thanks for making the costume for us :-)!
We took a family picture in this same spot last year and it didn't turn out well either - which I didn't remember until looking at this year's. I'll have to remember next year to try a new location for the picture!
By the time we were done with pictures Addie had had it! She is ready to go to sleep at 7pm exactly and we had pushed her too far :-). We quickly put her to bed so Ella could start her fun.
Our first house we ran into another clown - pretty exciting! (This is my mom's friend Julie that gave Ella all those dress up clothes I posted about before)
It was difficult for Ella to walk in her big shoes (especially getting up and down porch steps) so Mike carried her between most of the houses. She loved her Halloween flashlight and thinks the light it makes looks like a spider (and that it is hysterical to put the "spider" on people).
At the end of the night we let Ella pick out 2 more treats to eat. Of her whole pumpkin of goodies this is what she chose...a chocolate eyeball and a lollipop.

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