Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Catch Up

Here is a catch up from last week - I didn't get all my pictures uploaded before we left for San Antonio, which meant I couldn't post about them until we got home....

1. Ella at her dance class (which she LOVES now) and Addie keeping herself occupied while waiting...

(One little girl was missing)
2. Playing with our long lost friends Andrew and Eva (we are both so busy that our schedules rarely match up for playdates)...

3. Movie date with Grammy...It has become a December tradition. She took me to my first movie and took Ella to her first one last year. Ella LOVED it and talked mostly about the popcorn and candy afterwards.

4. Ella with our Christmas elf Herbie...He watches Ella for Santa during December and hides somewhere new everyday. This day Ella was riding her bike around and stopped by Herbie asking him, "You want to ride my bike Herbie?" "No, Ok." and rode off again.

5. Addie's latest discovery...everything is more interesting upside down.

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