Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas Day

It was great to see Ella's reaction this year on Christmas morning...

Addie had to finish breakfast before really being able to enjoy all the fun.
Ella was most excited about the candy in her stocking.
Ella picked out this toy for Addie all by herself and showed her just what to do with it.
I struggled to find things for Addie - since she really doesn't need anything and prefers to play with Ella's toys anyway. I have misplaced most our baby spoons so I stuck a couple in her things and it ended up being one of her favorite gifts - she carried it with her all morning long :-)!

Addie always makes me laugh when she does her upside down thing...she loves to hang upside down off our legs too - she's much more of a daredevil than Ella was.
We went over to my parents' for brunch later in the morning...My dad is not an animal lover (or so he says) but animals are always drawn him. This is Kayley's dog Texas (I can't say I'm his biggest fan either).
A new headband (and outfit) from Nana and Grandad means we needed more modeling pictures for my mom's website.
My mom taught Ella to write her name while we were all watching a Christmas movie (I think it was called Deck the Halls). She is so proud of herself and writes her name on everything now - she is getting so big! Today was her last day of nursery at church...crazy!!!

Kayley and her boyfriend Scott babysat the girls later in the day so we could go with all the adults to see The Great Debaters. I thought it was really good - I'm a sucker for movies inspired by true stories. We played scum later that night and the next night played a Christmas version of Monopoly at our house (we all prefer the regular version)...


Liz L said...

Simone got the same outfit (the one from Carters) as Addie!! (although I think a different color) - It's so cute but I am waiting for her to grow into it though - as big as she is, its still a little too big for her!

Kayley said...

Addie looks sooo small in that picture where she's laying on Mike's legs and he's feeding her a bottle