Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas Eve part 1

Here are the highlights of our Christmas Eve:
Ella and Addie playing together that morning. It is so cute to see them actually be able to interact a little bit (although Addie obviously still can't really "play") - just last night we were driving around and Ella and Addie were in the backseat holding hands and laughing - so cute :-)!
Christmas Eve dinner at my grandparents' house. My grandma always has these big poppers that you "pop" open to find a prize inside AND your very own crown too - it makes for a great picture when we all look so silly.
Time to open some presents...

Kayley and Addie looking festive together.

Addie trying to peek inside and see what her present was.
Aunt LeeLee gave Ella her first Barbie (a princess). Ella held it really close to her face just looking at it and said, "She's real, real beautiful!"
Just reading her Dora book while everyone else continued the gift exchange (something funny must have happened!).

I had to put this one of my grandfather - my grandma gave him 2 remote control helicopters so that he could do them with a friend :-).

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Liz L said...

JP and I have started the Christmas Cracker tradition with our families as well - we especially like to read the jokes to eachother. Fun times!