Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Ella and the Nativity

Ella thinks the nativities around the house are like little doll houses put out just for her. She has a little set in her room that is rearranged multiple times a day. I started taking pictures of the different arrangements because it makes me smile to know she carefully placed them that way for a reason - although only she knows what those reasons are...
I caught her in the act on Sunday afternoon when we got home from church. Here are a few examples of her arrangements...

Here she is playing with our main set downstairs in the family room. When she uses fake voices while playing, they are often these teeny high voices (since that's what we do as adults when we make toys talk - but coming from her already-high voice it is especially cute) - these weren't nearly as high as they get.

I've started taking the girls on walks at night to look at the lights in the neighborhood and tonight Ella said to me, "When we saw Santa and I sat on his lap and smiled, he talked to me!" "He did?!" I said, sounding like I had no idea although we have already talked many times about this. Then she said in a lower than normal voice, "What do you want for Christmas?...(and in her voice again) Ponies!"

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robandsara said...

So, so, so, so cute!!!! Ella is really adorable. I can't wait to meet her someday!

I love the little nativity figures all in different arrangements. That picture of "caught in the act" after church is so cute. She's a little mini you, Marci.