Monday, December 10, 2007

Funny Girls

Here are some things that the girls have done to make me laugh over the past few days...
We started a marble jar with Ella a couple months ago. When she does something nice or is well-behaved, etc. she gets to put a marble in the jar. When the jar is full she gets to pick a little prize or do something special and it has worked really well. Usually if she starts doing something she shouldn't and I tell her to stop or I'll take a marble out of the jar she stops right away. Well, sometimes when she uses really good manners all on her own or says something nice to me I'll tell her she can put a marble in. Yesterday when I was getting ready for church we were sitting on the floor together while I put my makeup on. I was doing my eye makeup and Ella says to me, "Mom, your eyes look funny.....can I put a marble in?" It was cute because she really thought she was being nice (probably because she likes it when we tell her she is being funny), so I had to explain that people don't want to look funny, they want to look nice and beautiful.
I really think Addie is cutting some teeth and she has been having a hard time falling asleep. The other day we put her down for her nap and she was still crying after awhile so I went in to check on her and she had gotten out of her pants some how and then thrown them out of her crib. Ella and I were laughing pretty hard :-).
Addie in Ella's doll stroller. You can probably guess this was Mike's idea and not mine :-). Hopefully we made it clear to Ella this is not something to try again on her own! (Ella picked out her outfit and hair-do this day)
What are dads for? Getting you of course! One of our favorite little Ella phrases has been, "Dad, get you me!" She started saying it a long time ago and Mike definitely reinforces her little mixed up saying and gets her all the time too.
Addie being silly. I have tried to get a good video of her mimicking our coughs, but nothing good yet :-).

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Ben, Sarah & Eli said...

those videos are funny! especially mike getting ella :)