Monday, December 3, 2007

Good Will Treasures

Mike has taken up golfing with his dad when we go to visit and decided for Christmas he wanted to find some used clubs of his own. He stopped by a new good will that opened near our house earlier in the week and found a decent bag (we thought it was a beauty) and 4 clubs for $8. He was ecstatic by his find and we went back in this weekend to try and find a few extra clubs but found some real treasures instead!
He got this super nice bag and a full set of clubs - all of which look brand new (not to mention the bag was stuffed full of new golf balls) for $39! He looked up the bag by itself on ebay and found them going for over $100.
The girls and I were browsing around while waiting for Mike (they took him in back to find the clubs - they hadn't been put out yet) and I found this Fisher Price Little People House for $4.99! It had tons of accessories too (and all the sounds still work). It's been disinfected and now we have another Christmas present - I was so excited! I'll have to try and stop by every once in awhile and see what else we can find :-)!

***Also, for those of you interested in buying the book Three Cups of Tea, please do so through their website. It sends you through to Amazon so you pay the same price for the book, but a percentage of your purchase goes to support their cause. We had our book club meeting Thursday night and one of the ladies mentioned it made her mad when she saw that at the end of the book, but because probably at least 20 of us bought the book and could have done it that way!***

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