Saturday, December 8, 2007

The last few days....

Here are some pictures from our last few days....
Scott is in Home Ec this semester and they got to bring home these ultra high-tech babies to take care of for a night. I was so excited he had it on a Wednesday because that's the day he comes over to our house to be tutored so I got to see him! Scott named him Mitchell, or Mitch for short :-). I'm sure some of you have seen these little guys but I thought it was pretty cool. Scott had to wear a wristband, which the baby's sensor could pick up so he was the only one who could help him. Mitch's cry sounded just like a real baby and my mom called later that night during his fussy time - so hysterical! Scott was trying to hang Christmas lights and had to keep stopping because Mitch would cry. He would feed him, change him, rock him and he would fall back asleep for a little while and then cry again. Poor Scotto! Mitch even woke them all up in the middle of the night...just like a real newborn :-). My dad came home from a business trip late that night and didn't know Mitch was in the house and nearly had a heart attack when this baby started screaming in the wee hours of the morning. I especially loved that he came complete with a car seat and diaper bag. I would have loved to take one of those home when I was in school!
The other night Ella had been tucked in bed for awhile but we could hear her stirring upstairs. I finally decided to come up and tell her it was time for bed and found her like this. She has come out to sit by the night light in the hall before to read (so she can see), but on this night she had turned on her desk lamp too so I think the only reason she was in the hallway was so she could listen and make sure we weren't having too much fun without her downstairs :-).
Addie already has a shoe obsession :-). She often passes by any toys that may be out in a room and makes a beeline for the shoes. Hopefully this won't end up costing us a fortune in the future :-). (Notice her cute new shoes in this picture - I must admit I have a children's shoe obsession so maybe it's my fault...for myself flip flops tend to do the trick though) Addie has had a growth spurt and outgrew all her little shoes and even a lot of her 6-12 month clothes - it is sad to pack away her things and face the fact that she is getting so big!
My little flower heads. They both looked cute and Christmas-y this day so I had to take a picture. I have so far been able to resist getting them Christmas shirts that they can only wear for 2 more weeks (I broke down at Halloween)...Mike should be especially proud of me because they are on sale at Gymboree for $4.99 right now so I am constantly tempted!
I got this little dress when I worked at the resale shop and it is kind of funny (it was $1 what can I say?) , but Addie is so squishable and cuddly in it... now if only she loved to cuddle :-)! She had a rough night Thursday night - waking up 3 different times pretty hysterical - like she was in pain. I was worried her ears were acting up again since she just got over her ear infection so we took her in to the doctor yesterday to be sure but she is fine. I think she's probably getting her top teeth in - hopefully :-). She slept well last night but has still been a little more grumbly than usual.
I can't believe Adeline is 10 months old now - she is going to be 1 before we know it! She loves to throw everything out of her crib when she wakes up or sometimes when we put her down if she doesn't feel quite sleepy yet. She'll drop her pacifiers, books, etc. between the wall and the crib, but never her blankie! - it always makes me laugh to find her sitting in there all alone with her blanket and everything else littered around the room. She has absolutely no desire to walk! Although she'll cruise along the furniture all day, the instant we try and hold her hands to walk with her she sits right down. Addie is such a mimic right now too. She copies our laughs and coughs and tries to copy our actions too, like waving bye to people. I'll have to get some video clips of our cute little white-haired girl.

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Liz L said...

Wow! I can't believe Scott's school does that - I wish we would have had those too! Hilarious about your dad - I'm sure that would have freaked anyone out, especially coming from your adolescent son's room!