Tuesday, December 18, 2007


This afternoon while I was making some lunch Ella found a little bag of mini-gingerbread men my friend from church brought by a couple days ago. I told her she could have one while she was waiting (she loved it of course) and she could have another one after lunch. Ella has been in a non-eating mode the past few days (which is fine - I know in a few more she'll be eating tons - she cycles) except when it comes to all the holiday goodies that have been frequenting the house, in which case she is never "full." She did eat some soup today but I told her she had to eat at least one quesadilla slice if she wanted her other cookie. She ate a little and then decided it wasn't worth it and told me she was done and ready for her nap. Addie was exhausted by this point so I took her upstairs to put her down and told Ella I would be right back. As I walked back down the stairs I saw Ella in the living room and she was acting kind of strange. I said, "Ella what are you doing in there? Come out so you don't get the couches messy." (we have our cream couch covers in that room now - they were one of our first purchases as newlyweds not thinking yet about little kids - you can see them in some of these pictures).
She still didn't move and I noticed she had her hands under the pillow. "Ella, Come on," I said a little more sternly and she pulled her hands out from under the pillow....full of little teeny gingerbread men, many partly eaten. Needless to say she had to take a marble out of her jar (quite tramatic - she hasn't had to do that in a long time) and we had a little talk. This is really the first sneaky thing she has done - which made it both cute and also sad because I know it's just the beginning of such things.
That the whole thing happened today was funny because yesterday another Ella incident occurred at my parents' house. My mom watched the girls yesterday morning while I worked and we were all sitting in the family room when I got back. There is a little end table between the couches and Ella walked by it knocking a fake pear down. When we went to pick it up we noticed there were some pieces of glass on the floor (the pear was plastic so we knew it wasn't from that) and then looked at the table and saw that the glass of the frame our family picture was in was all shattered, but had been put back on the table like it was fine. Since it had been put back we knew it wasn't the cats - I really thought it was probably Scott (sorry Scott :-) but we didn't talk much about it. My mom went and got the vacuum, etc.
A little while later Ella was in the kitchen with my mom and I heard her say in her cute little voice, "Nana, I think I did it." My mom said it was so cute and it melted her heart :-). She told her accident's happen and she was so proud of her for telling the truth, etc. So it was funny to me that she was so honest yesterday and so sneaky today. She is really a sweet little girl though and it is so fun to see her getting so big and becoming a real little person. Whenever I pick her up from the gym's childcare now she will be playing with some little friend she has made and is always so proud of herself! Today she told me on the way home, "I played with my friend in the blue shirt. I said,'My name is Ella. Want to play?'" and then just started giggling.
Now Miss Addie (or Mr. Addie as Ella calls her - that's another story) got into some mischief of her own this weekend. She was eating our camera cord - the one that plugs into the computer - which I didn't think anything of until I went to upload some pictures from the weekend and it wasn't working. I tried again yesterday and still nothing, so I was ready to go get a new cord today but decided to try it one more time and as you can see from the pictures I was able to post - it worked! I think she got the little connector too wet and it finally dried out - who knows for sure - all I know she will no longer be playing with it!


Leighanna said...

Marci- This story is totally cute. It is hard to be mad when they turn around and are so adorable. Good luck - seems you are going to need it in the future (as I'm sure will I!!!)

robandsara said...

These are such cute little stories about Addie and Ella. It seems like when I was Ella's age is the age that I can remeber back to because I have these memories of doing little tricky things that I got in trouble for, and they are some of my first memories!

The pictures of your girls are so cute in their Christmas outfits and bows in their hair! How fun that you have two adorable girls and you get to dress them in matching dresses for Christmas. I'm so jealous!