Thursday, December 27, 2007

San Antonio Christmas

Be prepared for some long posts these next few days as I try to recap our Christmas. Here is the first one:

We celebrated Christmas early in San Antonio with Mike's fam. Mike golfed almost everday, I did a lot of reading, and the girls got lots of attention with so many people to play with...
Ella helping Chrissy and Brittany with the cookies our first night there.

Addie and Ella each got to open a present early so they could enjoy them all during our visit.
Mike testing out Chrissy's scooter, "Kirby."
I love this picture of Mike and Addie - they are both so cute!
Mike somehow managed to sprain his ankle playing golf :-) - luckily not too badly - although it is still swollen.
Ella enjoying more Freeman cookies! (she loves that Freeman family nightly tradition!)
Brittany and Ili took Chloe, Ella AND Addie to go see a gingerbread house exhibit (which I don't have the pictures from yet) and so Mike and I were able to enjoy a lunch date! It was fabulous!

A day in the life of Addie - everyone just can't resist getting you!
One of our "girl hugs" - Ella loves them.
Ella with Brittany and her boyfriend Ili. They gave her the card game Crazy 8's and played it with her over and over and over again!
Ella was helping Addie open her presents and when she saw this box became very concerned because "Addie can't eat chocolate!"
This little doll was hiding inside the box.
Quiet time with Meema.
Addie leans into for more kisses and cuddles - so we know she at least kind of likes to be loved :-).
Addie and the toothpick:

We drove home Sunday night to be back in our own house for Christmas Eve...more to come later :-).

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The Chrissy Herself said...

Thanks for putting such a cute pic of me up Marc! You're the BEST! (don't worry, I know there weren't many cute ones to choose from, if any at all... for some reason I didn't like make-up or getting ready for the day very much while you guys were here...;) ha)