Saturday, December 22, 2007


We are in San Antonio enjoying our Christmas vacation...I'll post about it later when I can add the pictures I've been taking. It has given me some time to really get into my next book for the book club. The Lost: A Search for Six in Six Million by Daniel Mendelsohn. I must admit I had a hard time getting into the book at the beginning, I felt like it was a lot of really detailed information that I had know idea why the author was sharing. I kept trucking through however and it now has my complete attention (although I have a lot more to read I am curious to see where it is going to go). It is written by a man who became interested in his family's geneaology as a child as he tried to find out more about his great uncle Schmiel and his family who people would just say, "They were killed by the Nazis." He is trying to find out the real story behind their lives and deaths and it is quite fascinating. So, if you haven't started yet, get going! We have until January 24th to get it done.

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