Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Blue-Eyed Birthday Babies

I have 3 friends who all had babies within 1 month of me having Addie (and all 4 have very blue eyes someone pointed out yesterday). Allie (Jace's mom) and Stephanie (Ashley's mom) were in our first ward in downtown Houston and Leighanna (William's mom) is in our ward right now. Yesterday they all came over for a joint celebration along with Sheree and McKell and their kids. Admist the chaos of keeping the older kids playing "nicely" together and making sure the little ones didn't get into trouble we were able to talk and eat a little bit and of course take lots of pictures of all our cute kids!
Jace feeding a block to Addie - such nice sharing already!
I stole a couple pictures from Allie - this is one of Addie, Jace and Ashley playing together.
The cakes...hearts for the girls and stars for the boys and lots of regular ones for everyone else to enjoy.
Everyone was really upset about wearing the hats except Addie (and most of all Jace as you can see). I think after the snap she got on her cheek the day before from her other hat she figured she was a pro!

Jace was a lot of fun to take pictures of because he devoured his cake and got sooo messy!
I love the hand print :-)! Addie on the other hand picked daintly away at hers. Trying to take off individual sprinkles. (That's William next to her below)

What are they thinking? Addie: "You should see yourself! What a mess!" and Jace: "Are you going to eat the rest of that? You sure are taking a long time and I can help you out!"
Apparently William's cake tasted the best because Addie and Ashley are both trying to steal some.
Ella kindly provided some mid-cake entertainment.
The full group finishing up their cake and then washing it down with some water at the end.

Right as Sheree and McKell were leaving I realized I hadn't taken any pictures of the big kids and got a few. Here are Johnny, Eva, Andrew and Ella.
Acting like the crazy bunch they are when they are together...

We decided the only way to clean up the little ones was by throwing them all in the bath tub. Stephanie managed to carry Addie and Ashley upstairs without getting messy.
Jace would not sit down, making it difficult for me to get a "blog appropriate" shot, but I was able to crop this one :-). Addie kept brushing Ashley's hair with the spoon.
Needless to say last night Ella and Addie bathed in my bath tub because I hadn't had time to clean that one yet!
All clean! Ella loves being a big sister and had fun with all the other babies...Although she did declare that Ashley was her favorite (sorry Addie! I think that may have something to do with the fact that Ashley never had the chance to take any of Ella's toys).
We were all ready for a nap by the end of the afternoon!


Kim said...

What fun pictures! Sometimes I have to get in the shower after eating cake too... especially if its chocolate.

Sarah S said...

that's hilarious!! i love the tub pictures. and addie's outfit at the top is SO cute.

Leighanna said...

Marci - That was so much fun!!! Glad to see you got some great shots. I will have to upload mine soon and send them over - I think I have a great one of Jace picking up his cake. :o)