Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ella-isms and some links

Ella has reached the age where she understands just enough to be confused by the world, which leads her to say some cute things....
* My mom's friend Julie gave us a mini-stuffed chair and ottoman for Ella this week. It is downstairs waiting for Mike to clean and Ella sat in it and said, "I love this chair!" I replied, "It is very cute! I hope dad can get it cleaned." To which Ella asked, "But mom, how will we fit it in the washing machine?"
* Sunday on the way home from church she asked us, "Why are we alive?"
* The other night we had a little incident while playing in her room and when I told her we were going to put the dress-up clothes away since she wasn't playing nicely she got really mad. After things had calmed down I said, "Ella, I want to talk to you about the way you acted upstairs. I am your mother and you..." she interrupted me and said, "I Know you're my mother!"
* For Family Home Evening Mike was talking about how we have commandments and asked Ella, "Why do you think we have commandments?" Ella thought for a little while and then said, "Jesus wants us to do our homework." Who knows :-)?
* I submitted the recipe I posted recently to the blog Kill the Gluten and they put it up - I feel so famous :-)!
* My friend Liz posted this link on her blog and I thought it was pretty cool! You select your opinion on various campaign topics and it tells you which candidate you should vote for.
* I'm sure you have noticed I finally changed my blog template - I found it here. I have tried in the past to change my blog but it always took off all my link lists so I would end up keeping my original template, but with these options you can keep everything the same! I found the link through Anna's blog. So check it out and have some fun! (Also I finally gave my blog a name - the day I started my blog I just put something down so I could get started and have always meant to try and find something a little more original. Well, nearly 9 months later I did!)

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