Friday, January 18, 2008

Finally a Date!

Unfortunately it wasn't Mike and I who had a date today :-) was me and Ella. I haven't spent good one-on-one time with her in what feels like forever, poor thing. Today we had nothing on our schedule so I put Addie down for her nap (when she really wanted it instead of trying to make her wait until Ella was going down too like usual) and let Ella pick an activity to do together. We sat down and colored pony pictures together and I focused just on her, not letting the messy kitchen distract me and not trying to multi-task. There always seems like there is so much to get done and so little time to do it in that I often find it hard to just sit and relax and play for longer than 10 minutes because I start cleaning things up in her room or wherever we may be. So, we had a good time and then Ella went down for her nap (and actually fell asleep - it's a gamble each day) and when Addie woke up soon after she got me all to herself too.
On another note, does anyone have suggestions for cleaning this little doll? It was mine when I was little and has a music box in it that I want to be sure not to ruin because I love the little song it plays and it works perfectly still. The doll, however, is filthy! Mike thinks it's a scary part baby/part bear doll but I think she's cute :-)! Let me know what you think!


Caroline and Seth said...

I am with Mike = scary bear doll with crazy lady bangs. But it is also scary that I am actually awake right now waiting to feed Tommy! Bummer, he finally sleeps 6 hours and I can't!

KatieoFL said...

The girls are so cute. Have you tried a baby shampooe on that hair holding it upside down? you may need help. I am enjoying your blog. Thanks for sharing.

Liz L said...

Yeah, I'd have to agree with Mike - that doll is scary. I have no advice for cleaning it - maybe its better you don't ;)