Saturday, January 5, 2008

Goodbye Christmas, Welcome back warmth!

This week we got all of our Christmas decorations taken down and packed up. When I told Ella it was time to put all of our Christmas things away she became very concerned and asked, "My ponies?" The poor girl thought we had to pack up all our Christmas gifts as well :-)! She was very relieved that it was only the decorations. Putting away everything is typically a little depressing for me because the trees and everything else fill in some of the still vacant areas of our home. But this year we actually bought a few little plants to put in some of those areas and the difference is amazing! I am so excited :-)!

We have had some cold weather lately (for us anyway), which was nice for the holidays, but today it is feeling warmer again - yeah! You can tell the girls have been raised in Houston - they hate the cold! Addie would just gasp when we would go outside and the cold would hit her and Ella constantly told me she did not like wearing her coat (and also constantly took it off). Luckily today is nice and sunny and around 70 again...gotta love it here!


Ben, Sarah & Eli said...

your place looks great! but i will say your girls are SPOILED with your beautiful winter weather :) just kidding of course. it got up to 57 today and we were in heaven!! it was 70 a few times in CA over the holidays and the bright sun was almost too much for my eyes used to the gray chicago winter... :)

Liz L said...

I hate Texas! I want it to be 70 here! (I'm pouting.) Yesterday it got into the 60's - the first time in months - and so I got to take Simone on her first walk in the stroller. But then today, it was freezing again (and raining). I want it to be warm.

robandsara said...

I'm so jealous!!!! I can't believe you've got 70 degree weather! Wow. No fair, Marci Miner Freeman. Not fair at all.