Thursday, March 13, 2008

Heaven, Here I Come!

I have very exciting news!!! I am traveling to heaven in least according to my friend Sara :-). Sara grew up in Oregon and spent our entire freshmen year at BYU talking about how and why Oregon is heaven on earth. My version of heaven right now is a trip all by myself without having to worry about taking care of anyone else and either way, heaven will be visited soon!
Sara, Liz and I met our freshmen year of college when we all lived in the same hall of the dorms. We did lots of crazy things together, typically as a result of Sara's spontaneous personality - including missing a week of school to take a trip to Ireland.
Sara introduced us to Kim, Caroline, and Brooke and the 6 of us decided to live together off campus the following year.
We loved our ghetto fabulous Park Place apartment and helped each other through a lot of ups and lots of parties in between (including Mike's band Leisure, which of course was my personal favorite :-).
I believe each of these girls played a big part in the course that I ultimately followed with my degree in International Development and I admire each of them in so many different ways.
Now, 2 missions, 5 marriages, 5 kids and nearly 1 MD and 1 PhD later we are going to spend a weekend together in Oregon's heaven. I missed the last reunion at Caroline's wedding because I was due to have Addie in a few weeks, but am so excited to be completely free for this baby growing inside my belly and no one relying solely on me for food either! If only Brooke could come the group would be complete, but really arranging a meeting of 5 out of our 6 very busy lives is pretty good this time around!


dr_b_rock said...

wow we all look so young in those pictures! What happy memories. I wish that I could be there soooo badly, sigh. I have to try to hurry up and get married or something to force another reunion :)

Marci said...

Sounds perfect to me :-)!

The Chrissy Herself said...

Sounds like fun Marci! You definitely deserve the time off! See you tomorrow!!!! :)

Sara Jean said...

Oh Marci! These pictures and your recollections bring back SOOOO many good memories.

I am just giddy with excitement! I can't wait for June. I'll be so fun to sit around and tell old stories over and over again. Fun, fun! I too am looking forward to being FREE!

Kim said...

I wish I kept journals like you. I couldn't imagine a more fantastic college experience than what I had with you girls. One of my favorite stories to recount is the night we were making a Maverick's run in your jeep and got chased by those creeps.

I also noticed the caption underneath one of the pictures: "FINALLY Caroline returns from the DR." It didn't mean anything to me until I stopped to think why you might emphasize "finally." :)

Caroline and Seth said...

AHHH! I am so excited! Thanks for the walk down memory lane. Here is a milestone to add - do you remember hiking up bridal vail falls one saturday in September. There had been a huge slide and part of the trail was knocked down. We were trying to traverse the treacherous ground. I can still hear Marci in my mind, "oh, my gosh, I can't die, I haven't had sex yet!" marci, I miss you! I am so excited to be with the ladies - although, I will not be entirely free yet :)

Liz L said...

I love you girls! The other day I was looking for baby pictures and I stumbled across my freshman and sophmore scrap books - they are hilarious! I agree with Brooke - we all look SO young. I want to bring them to our reunion - if I don't have to bring along a bunch of baby stuff - I'm not sure if Simone will be "weened" by then or not. We'll see!