Wednesday, January 30, 2008

It's Official!

Well, yesterday (29th) was Addie’s actual birthday! She is officially 1 now and I can't believe it! Time is such a strange thing - in so many ways the year has flown by, but at the same time it seems like Addie has been with our family for much, much longer than that.
When I took Addie into the doctor on Friday for her rash she weighed 20lbs 3oz. so I thought it would be the perfect birthday treat to put her in her new carseat. She LOVES facing forward like a big girl! In fact, the entire drive to the gym this morning she just laughed! I wish there had been someone in the car to get it on video!
And what could be more fun on your birthday than a doctor's visit?! Addie had her 1 year check-up today and in addition to her vaccines she got her ears pierced too. Her current stats are: 29" long (50th percentile), 19lbs. 12oz. (25th percentile) and her head at 18" is in the 50-75th percentile. My mom (Nana) came along today to help me mark where we wanted her earrings to go - very crucial!
We survived and look how pretty :-)! I know many people reading this are thinking I am crazy for piercing her ears and there are probably also some who did their baby's even earlier, but here is how this became our tradition. When Ella was little I really wanted hers done so people would know she was a girl (I think Addie looks more girly than Ella at this age by the way) but obviously didn't want to take a little baby to Claire's or some stand in the mall. When I heard that some doctor's will do it right in their office I called mine and found out she was one of them. We decided to do it at Ella's 1 year check-up because I personally felt like her body would be better equipped to handle it (if they did get infected, which they never did) and when you're getting a round of vaccines anyway, what is one more prick? Ella now obviously has no memory of the whole incident. So, when I found out I was having another girl it just seemed natural to do it again on the 1 year visit. Today as I was helping hold Addie down though I must admit I felt awful and a little vain for making her scream so badly all in the name of beauty, but she was over it in 2 minutes and went on to make this happy little video...
We were waiting for the nurse to come and get us for Addie's vaccines (I did feel especially bad that she had just gotten over one painful incident only to be subjected to yet another - then again, she was her happy self only minutes later once again) and quickly ran out of things to do to pass the time. I handed Addie the tissue box on the counter and she immediately pulled one out and "blew" her nose into it. I thought it was hilarious because it wasn't as though my mom or I had just done it and she was copying us, she obviously remembered seeing people do this (probably me last week as I battled an awful cold) and knew that was the purpose for Kleenex!
Addie catching up on some reading as we left the doctor's office.
3 of her 4 shots were in her arms today and she was absolutely fascinated by her bandaids. My mom turned around and saw her inspecting one she had pulled off so I asked her to take a picture. Addie was trying to put it back on her arm (she is so cute :-) and then when she saw my mom held it up to her, "ook, ook." (her most favorite thing to say is "look" as she points at everything she sees)
We stopped for a girls lunch with my mom... and then Addie quickly fell asleep in the car after we picked Ella up from Joy School – it had been quite the morning and she was exhausted!

**And in case any of you are wondering, Addie is NOT loving regular milk so far. I think today I’ll try putting half formula and half milk together and see how that goes. I tried putting it in her sippy cup first to try and avoid Ella’s whole issue with only drinking milk out of a bottle, but she wouldn’t do that. Then I put it in her bottle and she drank it for a little while and then suddenly realized it didn’t taste quite normal and would have nothing else to do with it. We’ll see how it goes I guess.**

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Jeremy & Allie said...

Jace was not too fond of milk at first either. I remember telling my Pediatrician that I was concerned he wasn't going to drink milk if I didn't put it in a bottle. I did the half formula half milk thing for a while and that helped. Everyday he has been drinking more and more from his sippy cup. I used to pour the rest in a bottle and he would drink a little more but I stopped that and just give him the sippy. I do still give him a night bottle just to make sure he gets a good amount in. Just a thought!