Friday, January 25, 2008

Movies of the week

Ella's dance routine:
Addie the tiger:
Addie says/signs duck:
(when Ella was this age she had a thing for birds...with Addie it's ducks. I wonder what makes them fall in love with a particular animal?! Addie also loves dogs - she barks at anything resembling one :-). She'll go for a dog book or duck toy over anything in the room!)
Ella singing (or shouting depending on how you look at it):
I told Ella to sing loud so I could hear her and she took it to heart! This is a song from joy school about the Gunny Bag. It's a bag that "eats" the toys children don't put away like they are supposed to. The first day they talked about this Ella came home and made sure when she left the room there was nothing for the Gunny Bag to get. She interpreted this to not necessarily mean putting the toys away where they go, but rather on the table or counter where he could definitely not reach them. (Addie was in the closet playing in Ella's dress up box and the lid shut on her finger so we cut the filming early to help her :-)


Sarah S said...

fun videos!! I like the gunny bag story. your girls are really cute!

Liz L said...

I remember the Gunny Bag - it actually ate some of my toys when I was little! Where can I get a copy of that song? I love it!