Thursday, January 3, 2008

New Glasses

I broke my glasses a few months ago (they were sitting next to the bed and I totally crunched them - snapping them right down the middle). It wasn't the end of the world since I wear contacts during the day now, but I did miss being able to wear my glasses in the evenings or just to take a break from the contacts when my eyes were feeling tired. We super-glued them for a quick fix once successfully but a couple weeks later Ella and her friend were playing and came out of my room holding my glasses which were broken again and we never were able to get them to stay together a second time (we tried super-glue, masking tape, duct tape, etc - very cute!). I kept putting off going to get new ones - it seemed like such an ordeal and another thing to spend money on. Then a guy who works with Mike told him he gets glasses for $30 in Houston's China-town area and drew him a map of how to get there. I have had this information for almost 2 months now and even had a copy of my prescription all ready to go, but still I kept putting it off. Well, finally during our Christmas break I got my new glasses...and all for $28 flat! Pretty good! They aren't super stylish but I just wanted something to wear at home and these will do the trick no problem! The store is called Glacier Optical and I'd be happy to pass along the information to anyone interested :-).
My mom recently gave Ella and I matching aprons (something I had been in need of for a long time!). We have used them a few times now when making dinner and Ella thinks it is pretty cool to be matching with me instead of Addie for a change.
This is just a shot I took while we were waiting in a line at Costco this week. Carrying the camera around always comes in handy when I need to entertain the girls :-)!

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Ben, Sarah & Eli said...

I like the glasses :) $28 is a steal!! I just replaced my glasses that were 5+ years old... it's amazing how much better I can see out of these versus my old glasses! The picture of your girls lunch is cute too. You'll have to say hi to your mom for me!