Thursday, January 10, 2008

No ducks

It has been gorgeous the past couple afternoons-sunny and breezy and just cool enough. Yesterday we decided to take advantage of the great weather and went to the park to feed the ducks...
the only problem was that there were no ducks to be found. Ella was pretty disappointed at first but soon recovered when she saw the playground :-). We'll have to try the ducks again another time. (as you can see Ella made sure to accessorize appropriately for the trip)

I liked this picture because it shows just how white Addie's hair is (and that she actually has some) and you can tell she totally wants to get that little acorn or rock and eat it!

(I know a put a picture like this up before, but I liked this one because you can see both girls smiling)
We stopped by the grocery store on our way home and the little man gave Addie her very own balloon. It was the first time she got one - very exciting! - so, I of course took a picture to document the big milestone.

These cookies were made while Chrissy and Michael-Paul were here. Mike's family has a tradition of making "whites" almost nightly when we are all together. They are cookies made with shortening instead of butter so they turn out whiter than usual, hence the name. Michael-Paul decided we should make some "blues" instead and so we gave it a try. They ended up a little green, but matched our mint-n-chip ice cream perfectly! (and were delicious too!)

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Ben, Sarah & Eli said...

I love Ella's accessories... :)