Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Not Quite...

Our family fun wasn't quite over yet after the holidays...Mike's sister Chrissy and her boyfriend Michael-Paul came to stay with us for a few days from San Antonio (and today is Michael-Paul's birthday, so Happy Birthday!). Ella thought it was pretty cool that Aunt Chrissy stayed at our house. Although we didn't see them tons - we are back to our busy schedules of work, school, dance, etc. and they were out exploring Houston - we were sure to take advantage of the 50% off Michael-Paul enjoys at Saltgrass Steak House one night - yum yum!

So now we are officially back to our typical day to day life - which although it can get monotonous is also a relief to get back to (normal sleeping, eating, working out and daytime schedules). It's also time to set our new goals for the year in motion. I want to continue the reading I started in the fall (I'm even ahead of the book club schedule right now so I'm trying to squeeze in a choice of my own by the month's end) and as a family need to get more consistent with our Family Home Evenings. I also know I need to work on chilling out a little (I know Mike will laugh when he reads this) - getting less irritated with people, stressing out less, and just calming down in will definitely do me some good!

I was trying hats on Addie last night and she did not like it :-)! At least she got to play with the glasses.

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Ben, Sarah & Eli said...

I have the same problem Marci! (getting way too stressed or annoyed w/ things people do) I used to think I was a kind, patient person, but lately I've been more of the opposite. It's a good thing it's a new year with new resolutions!