Monday, January 28, 2008

Party Time!

Addie's birthday is tomorrow (CRAZY!) so we had our families over Sunday for a little celebration. Almost everyone was able to come, which was really fun. Here are just some of the pictures I took (and a few from Aunt Chrissy too):
The morning of the fun Addie managed to sit on Ella's stool all by herself. She was so proud! I was making enchiladas all morning. It seemed like a good idea when I was planning the menu but I quickly decided having Mike barbeque would have been a better option :-)!
Let the fun (and eating begin)! My Grandma and Mike's dad.
The "big" girls: Ella, Mike's little sister Chloe and my little sister Hope. Hope and Chloe are the same age and get along really well which makes our family get togethers fun for all. Ella just wants to be right there with them all the time :-), and they are both really good about letting her tag along!
My brother Scott and Mike's sisters Brittany (with her boyfriend Ili who also made the trek out from San Antonio) and Chrissy.
The men (Mike's dad and my grandfather) sitting amongst the gifts.
Mike, my grandma and my mom and dad (with Ella of course).
And finally...time for the cake!
Addie wasn't loving her hat at first (probably partly because I snapped her little cheek with the elastic), but she eventually forgot it was on and ate her cake. She was very slow and wasn't making a mess at all so I helped her out by putting some frosting on her cheeks. (You'll also notice her rash looked much better thankfully!)

How old are you Addie? One!
Sitting on her present opening throne...she really is still so little even though she seems so big.
When Addie opened this bath toy from Meema and Papa Ella exclaimed, "We can share it!"
Some new bling from Nana and Grandad - hooray!
Everyone hanging out after all the festivities were finished.

Thank you Chrissy for taking a family shot for us - it totally slipped my mind!
Ella helping make sure we got some good footage of the day :-)!

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