Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Pretty in Pink

Ella has recently become quite opinionated on what she wears. She has always cared to an extent, however usually if I gave her an option she was fine picking between the two.... NOT this week. On Monday morning the shirt I picked out brought her to tears so I told her just to wear it this once and she wouldn't have to wear it again (and I should also add that by the end of the day she said she liked it). Today she wanted to wear a skirt so I gave her an option, she chose the denim one but then didn't like the sweater I picked out to go with it (mainly because she does not care for sweaters period), so I told her if she would wear the sweater she could pick out everything else. And here was the result....
a pink shirt under the pink sweater, pink tights, pink shoes and two ponytails with pink bows...and of course pearls, because we all know that no outfit is complete with out a gorgeous (and LARGE) pearl necklace!
Later this afternoon I was checking my email while Addie roamed our room. When I looked over to see what she was doing I found her sitting by the laundry basket quietly putting this onesie on top of her head, sitting for a minute while it balanced, pulling it off and starting all over again. It made me laugh :-). Too cute...the things that fascinate them :-)!
Mike took this picture Sunday night of me and Ella at the piano. I got to teach Ella's Sunday school class this week and it was really fun to sit with them in singing time and see what she will be doing every week now that she is a big kid! I have never had a calling in Primary so the last time I participated was when I myself was young enough to go - crazy!


Caroline and Seth said...

So, I never comment because I am lazy but dang your girls are so cute. Sometimes I look at Thomas and pretend he is a girl :)

You play piano - Marci - talented lady!

Ben, Sarah & Eli said...

so cute :) i've been the primary secretary for 3 years now - and think it's the most fun place to be during church. however, we have 7 rambunctious, wild sunbeams that make things a little crazy. i'm ella is never that nuts :)

her outfit choices are pretty nice... i'll have to remember to wear my big pearl necklace tomorrow with my cardigan!

on a side note - I talked to Elizabeth yesterday (in Houston!). She said you guys were so nice last weekend and that your girls are so cute. Thanks for being so helpful to them!