Sunday, January 13, 2008

Quick Reads

I just finished this book last night (and I did it in less than a week - which should tell you that I enjoyed it :-)! Although I have liked all my book club selections so far, they have generally been long and detailed (and slightly depressing) so I was ready for some lighter material. I came across an advertisement for Shopaholic & Baby by Sophie Kinsella (which sounded just up my alley since I am a shopaholic when it comes to my babies) so I went to her website to check it out. When I read the excerpt online it made me laugh out loud - I immediately ordered it from! It is the most recent of a whole "Shopaholic" series which I am now curious to read as well, but I didn’t feel I missed out on anything important in this story as a result of not having read the books preceding it. The series takes place in England and follows the life of Becky, who in this book is expecting her first child. It is no way realistic or inspirational, but it kept me interested all the way through. Check out the excerpt on her site and see you what you think.
I ordered Teaching Your Children Joy when we first started Joy School in the fall but just now got around to reading it (the authors, Linda and Richard Eyre also developed the school curriculum and have written other books). It is not a book with a storyline you read, but more a guide with activities and ideas of ways to teach your children the joys found in different areas of life. The curriculum for our Joy School program follows the same outline and includes many of the same activities as the book. Some of their real life examples are a little cheesy, but the activities are easy and fun to do.

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