Friday, January 4, 2008


Yesterday was Ella's 1st Primary activity at church! I can't believe she is so big - it's both exciting and sad! Her little friend (and much older :-) Allie was there too and helped Ella with all the activities - it was really sweet. Ella had a blast and later that night when Mike said she was his cohen (she used to say penquin like that and it became one of her many nicknames) she said, "No, I'm a Sunbeam! Addie's a cohen." She is sooo excited to be with the big kids!
It was also Kayley's last day in Texas before heading back to BYU. She had a nice long trip which was really nice. Yesterday morning we tried out a cycling class together. The only other time I tried cycling was at Gold's Gym in Provo with my old roommate Caroline - I remembered it as being hard and not a lot of fun and that's pretty much how I felt about it yesterday too. There is only so much excitement to be had pedaling on a stationary bike for 60 minutes. I may try it again later by myself but probably not for awhile - my bum is sore today from the little seat! We enjoyed a girls lunch at Panera Bread (per Kayley's request since she can't get it in Utah) and said our goodbyes. Kayley spent lots of time with Ella and Addie and I know they are sad to see her go!

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