Friday, February 22, 2008

Friday Fun Day

I thought this picture turned out sooo cute :-)!
Today Ella's friend Johnny (and my friend McKell) came over to play. Johnny is going to be a big brother on Tuesday, unless little Olivia decides to come over the weekend, so it was one last hurrah before the big day! So exciting!
Here are some other random shots:
Last night I woke up at 3:30am to the sounds of Ella playing in her bedroom. I went in to find she had turned on the little light next to her bed, put together 2 puzzles and was reading books. I told her it was the middle of the night and she needed to go back to sleep. She often wakes up when Mike leaves (around 6:30am) and plays in her room until I come to get her and since it is dark at that time of morning I think she was confused about what time it actually was. Well, this morning at 8:10am this is what she still looked like - she must have partied too hard last night - she is ALWAYS up by 7:30am!
Yesterday Ella got this cute lollipop at Joy School. I told her she could eat it after her nap, but since she didn't take one she had to wait until after dinner. Well, as she started eating it last night Addie was looking so longingly at it that I felt bad and let her have an extra Valentine's one. She LOVED it and got very mad when I took it away before it became a choking hazard.
This is just an extra picture from last night that I thought was really cute :-).


Kendall and Lee'sa said...

That is so funny about Ella! I think I did that a few times as a kid too.

Fowler family said...

I loved reading about Ella's "hangover" from doing puzzles and books in the middle of the night. Your kids are too cute!

Heber and Chalonn said...

Two did you get Ella to play in her room til you come and get her in the morning...Mckay does NOT do that and we wish he would..and second...looks like you got the pink retro kitchen from Costco in the picture with Addie...we wanted that so bad for London, but they were out!! I hope they come out next Christmas time...cute pics..

Marci said...

Ella just stays there - if she thinks we are asleep - as soon as she hears me up and walking around she comes out. She is just a funny kid...when we first put her in a real bed she would just sit at the end of the bed and wait, eventually she started getting out and playing in her room. We got the kitchen last Christmas - I saw it fell in love but couldn't convince Mike we "needed" it. I told his mom about how cute it was because I was afraid they wouldn't have them again this year. They surprised us with it and I was more excited than Ella I think :-)! I hope you get one next year!

Sara Jean said...

So cute! Marci, you have such cute little girls! I love Ella's bedroom. It's like a dream bedroom for a kid- green walls, fun bed and all decked out girl style... I've gotta come see your house sometime.