Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Happy Helper

Ella loves to be my helper and show me that she is big enough to do pretty much everything I do too. A couple weeks ago when we walked down to bring the trash can in she told me she wanted to pull it. I was doubtful that she would be able to manage it alone, but she did, and has insisted on pulling it up the driveway ever since. Today as she was pulling I decided to capture this tiny little person pulling the trash can which is bigger than her (note: this is a recreation of the actual event).
I ran upstairs to grab the camera and came down to find Ella running in circles as fast as she could - she's stronger than she looks! Oh, and today was our first day of pigtails since I cut her hair and she was quite excited about it.
This one is from yesterday: A true Texan girl with her pink cowboy hat :-).

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Sarah S said...

I love Ella helping with a good atittude! I'd like a little helper to take the trash OUT! Maybe I can make Eli grow up to think that is the most fun job in the house... :)