Sunday, February 10, 2008

Labels and The Park

Well, I had the brilliant idea to add a few labels to my blog. I have almost 200 postings now and since nearly all of them involve the details of my exciting life :-), I thought it would be nice to separate out those that actually contain other, perhaps useful, information. It took forever to scan back through all my postings but I just finished and my advice if you think you may ever use lables is start now!
...and back to that exciting life I was talking about...We went to our little neighborhood park Thursday night. It was a nice family walk there and back and brought back some memories. I have pictures playing here the day I went to be induced with Addie last year, almost exactly a year ago, and the weather felt exactly the same. I just can't believe it has been a full year!

Ella made a new friend on the walk home. Sometimes I really wish we had a pet right now, but I know it would get old fast (I have enough living things to take care of and clean up after!). Once we don't have little babies in the house I definitely want a cat though - we'll see how that goes - Mike is NOT a cat fan!

Here are some pictures from earlier in the week I never got around to posting (look how much longer Ella's hair was)...


Caroline and Seth said...

Ella's hair looks so cute! She is such a beautiful little girl!

Heber and Chalonn said...

very cute pics. Love those family walks...we haven't done that in a while...Seattle is YUCKY in the winter!!

Heber and Chalonn said...

Question about the survey site you you get hammered with spam and ads or phone calls??? Just curious before I proceed..

robandsara said...

I've thought about the labels thing in the past, but decided not to. Now I wish I had!

Your girls are so cute and growing up so fast! Ella's new hairdo is super-duper cute. It makes her look so grown up.

I didn't know your friend Heber lived in Seattle. We should meet up with them sometime.

Marci said...

Chalonn, About the survey site - I have never received a phone call and they only email me when a survey that fits my profile comes up. Some of the great ones I've qualified for have included getting 2 HUGE boxes of Pampers Easy-Ups when Ella was potty training and 2 boxes of dishwasher detergant that lasted us 6 months. I also like this one because even if you don't end up being selected for a survey they give you 10 points for answering the qualifying questions.

Sara, They have been there for awhile. I forget that you are in Seattle too - I always think of you as being in Oregon for some reason :-).