Thursday, February 21, 2008

Library Fun

Tuesday Ella's Joy School group went to take a tour of the Cinco Ranch library. Here are some of the highlights...
The girls got to see where the books go after they drop them in the return slot.
Ella was most excited to see the puppet room. We used to go to the toddler storytime at this library, so to see the behind-the-scenes room was pretty cool!
Annie and Ella reading together after the tour.
We spent some time hanging out in the library (Addie wanted to pick some too!) and then checked out our books and had a little picnic lunch at the park.
That afternoon Ella had dance (Tuesdays are her favorite day of the AND dance!) and Addie found a really cute baby to kiss in the mirror :-).
Yesterday was Ella's preschool storytime at the Maud Marks Library.
The theme of the day was brushing your teeth so the kids got little toothbrushes and then colored pictures depicting ways to keep your teeth healthy. Ella told me later that she was going to brush her teeth so her teeth don't fall out.
Addie was getting a little bored by the end and emptied my mom's business cards from my purse and started coloring those...way more exciting than a piece of paper!

Addie and I were back at the library today for infant storytime. We LOVE our local libraries! Hopefully someday Addie will decide she wants to start walking and then we can start going to the toddler time - it's my personal favorite :-).

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