Monday, February 4, 2008

Pink Ladies

This morning our mission was to go to the grocery store and get back in time for Ella to go on her lunch date with Nana and Grammy. Ella picked out her outfit (which actually matched!) while I got Addie ready. Ella came in, saw they both had bright pink shirts and was so excited they matched! She went downstairs to wait while I got ready and when I came down in my black shirt she said, "But Mom, you don't have pink!" She was sincerely disappointed that I wasn't going to match them too. If I had a bright pink shirt I would have gone and put it on right away - I felt so bad :-)! I'll have to find one somewhere.

Last night my family all came over to watch the Super Bowl at our house. We were cheering for the Giants and near the end had started to accept the fact they were going to loose (consoling ourselves with the fact that it had at least been a good game), when they pulled out the victory - wooo hooo! Here are a few pictures from the night:
Ella loves to run and push Addie (who also loves it) but I do have to remind her to slow down sometimes - it makes me nervous (Ella picked out this outfit if you were wondering :-)

Thanks mom (and Hope) for playing with Ella so I could relax and watch the game!

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Amber & Robby said...

Hey Marci! I found your blog from the Longs. The girls look so cute in their pink!