Friday, February 1, 2008

Smartie Skirt

Although the morning started out a little cold, by this afternoon it was beautiful outside. The girls had been good all morning (well Ella especially, Addie is always good!) so we got cheeseburgers for lunch and had a little picnic in the backyard. (I’ll also add last night at church I went to an activity about living healthily – including not eating fried and processed foods...and then I went and got fast food today, but I haven’t had it in a long time I promise!) It was fun to enjoy the sunshine after a few days of dreariness.
The other night I was feeding the girls dinner and Addie did some new “trick” – I don’t remember exactly what – and I said, “Look at you, little smartie pants!” Ella said, “But mom, how about a skirt? Girls like skirts!”

Addie is making a little progress on drinking her milk from a cup as you can see. If I put 2oz. formula and about 4 oz. milk she’ll drink it (I think a big part of it is she wants the warmer temperature). Yesterday she still wouldn’t drink it from a cup though and today she did – hooray! I didn’t ever give in and offer her a bottle today so I think she knew I was serious. Hopefully the progress will continue!
Static hair -Addie has just enough!
On Wednesday we went to visit some preschools we are interested in for next year. I went to 4 and was exhausted! We have it narrowed down to 2 now and I am really torn. Preschool A is much closer to our house, $10-$20 cheaper per month (depending on which class we get in at the other school – they do a lottery system for their registration), and Ella said she liked it best. Preschool B has a great reputation though (we know lots of kids who go there and LOVE it). Preschool A is also a lot smaller – one class for each age group (which I think is why Ella liked it more, it wasn’t quite so overwhelming for her on the visit). Since whether or not we get into preschool B is random luck there is the possibly we won’t get in anyway but registration for preschool A is 4 days before their drawing, so I’ll need to decide by the 11th what to do (I don’t want to wait and then not get picked in the drawing and have preschool A fill up). Right now I am leaning towards preschool A – we’ll see I guess...who knew picking a preschool would be so hard – at least elementary schools are assigned!
Ella got her face painted at the gym the same morning we went to visit schools and she got lots of compliments on her “princess” face (she told me that’s what she was?).
One reason it’s great to have kids...they think you, as their parents, are the most funny and talented people on the face of the earth! (at least for now, I’m sure that will change at some point) When I sing and act silly Addie just looks up at me with her big crinkle nose smile and starts clapping – I must be good :-)!


Seth and Caroline said...

I love that video of Addie! Such a fun personality!

Leighanna said...

Marci - they are too cute. Especially Ella's wit! Glad to see Addie's progressing to the cup! I pretty much just handed William his (cold milk and all) and never looked back. He didn't like it at first, but is now completely ok with it. Only took about a day or two of not having the bottle for him to get used to it! Poor kid... I can be unsympathetic sometimes! But I gave him a little chocolate milk treat today and he thought that was cool.