Monday, February 4, 2008

Tag with a Twist

I was tagged over a week ago by Lee’sa, but with Addie’s birthday I have had a lot of other things to post about so I’m just now getting around to it. I believe I’m supposed to tell 6 things Mike and I like to do together and then tag 6 others, hmmm...

1. Probably the thing we do most often is WATCH TV together. Especially since we have had the DVR, there is always something to watch so we don’t even rent movies all that often anymore! We get the girls down to bed and then veg out on the couch together. For the most part we enjoy the same shows (our favorites: Lost-so excited for the new season!, The Office, Survivor, Biggest Loser, American Idol, etc.) but we each have some we end up watching alone (my girl shows: America’s Next Top Model, The Hills, Project Runway, …. and he loves Mythbusters, The First 48, and watching more sports games than me…)

2. GOING OUT TO EAT! We have scaled way back on this since we were dating and now have more important things to spend money on, but we would do it more often if we could! It’s such a nice treat to go pick out something tasty to eat that someone else has made and then let them clean up after you (not to mention that you can relax and enjoy the meal together too).

3. Since the time we got our first house we have enjoyed just sitting out in the BACKYARD and hanging out as a family. Ella (and now Addie too) can go play and we just sit and talk. I especially love when Mike brings his GUITAR out and plays around on it. It makes me remember some of the first things that made me fall for him :-).
4. Just recently we went to BARNES AND NOBLE and it brought back a lot of memories. Before we had kids we often went there or to BORDERS to relax, do homework, and check out new music and books. I think this is something we’ll definitely start doing again once the kids can entertain themselves a little better (there is only so much reading Addie can do at a bookstore unsupervised)!

5. We of course love SPENDING TIME AS A FAMILY, especially outdoors at the park, feeding the ducks or going to the pool and just goofing around. We look at our little group and are in shock that we are now a family of 4! We also love playing CARD GAMES and when the girls are old enough I’m sure that will be a favorite family pastime as well!

6. MARCH MADNESS!!! One of our favorite times of the year – and it’s getting close again! We both fill out multiple brackets and have our own system for keeping track of the wins and losses. We watch the games together and have a little friendly competition to see who ends up with the highest score by the end of the tournament! In my opinion it is the most exciting sports competition around – the games are short and because it is single elimination anything can happen…and does (I think I’ve only cried once… when I was pregnant and ALL my teams were losing :-))!

So there you have it, the exciting things we like to do!
I am now tagging: Chalonn, Janessa, Sara E, Sarah S, Allie, and Leighanna (I tried not to tag two people who are friends so you’ll have more people to tag too!).


Kendall and Lee'sa said...

You guys have a lot of fun! And lots in common, that helps. I love games too and I can't seem to get Kendall to play any with me. Oh well, maybe some day.

Kendall and Lee'sa said...
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