Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Teething is Fun!

Addie has been looking like this a lot the past few days. I was hoping it was because she was teething, not a permanent change in her typically happy demeanor, and sure enough yesterday we could finally feel her top two teeth emerging. This is not only exciting because we know she will one day soon be happy again but also because she really could use more teeth! Now she will be the proud owner of 4....Go Addie, Go!
As a result of her discomfort Addie has wanted to be with me non-stop....and not just in my vicinity, but actually touching me. Yesterday afternoon after an unsuccessful nap attempt I ended up breaking out the Baby Bjorn for the first time in months so I could get some things done while she was with me. On the plus side she has been a little cuddly which is always a welcome change! Today after I took Ella to school we were playing in her room and she sat on my lap while we looked at books (she still won't let me "read" them to her, but she will look at 2 pages of one, then get another one to do the same, etc...it's progress).
Here are some more pictures from yesterday:

Ella kept getting wet while playing with the water from the pool and changed outfits 3 times. I then told her not to put on any more clothes until she was all done with the water, which is why she is shirtless in these pics.

Yep, still crawling :-). Addie will take steps when she doesn't know you're watching but sits down and crawls as soon as she catches your gaze.

Ella was getting jealous I was taking pictures of Addie so I told her to get dressed and I would take some of her too. Do you think she likes getting her picture taken?

Here are some funny things Ella has said recently:
* I was telling her all about the busy day we were going to have (she likes to know the order of events each morning) and she responded, "We don't have time to sleep today!" She wishes :-)!
* We sat down to eat dinner and I asked her if she liked it. "Yeah, it makes me go potty (as she gets up from the table) and my bottom itch (as she scratches her little bum and walks away)."
* Driving home from school today I told her "Johnny's mom is probably going to have her baby today! Isn't that exciting?" and in a very excited voice she said, "I can't wait to see her eyes!" (and by the way McKell did have her baby this morning I just heard)


The Chrissy Herself said...

That picture of Addie is SO SAD! It's the first thing you see when you click on your blog and it's sad but also kinda funny...:) poor baby!

michele cabiness said...

How sad. We just got out of that awful teething stage. I hear you guys are all coming to town next month! We're excited to see you. Charlotte will be especially excited to see her cousin on the computer that lives far away, as she puts it.