Monday, February 18, 2008

Tribute to Michelle

So, you may be wondering who the heck Michelle is...she is one of my aerobic instructors at the gym :-). I typically go to the 8:30am classes to get my workout over with and 2 of the classes I like are taught by Michelle. I don't know much about her other than she has 3 boys, she turns 38 on Monday (found that out today) and she kills me every class! She is a teeny little jumping machine that has more energy than even Ella. Her Monday class is called Total Conditioning and is a combination of weights and cardio for 70 minutes. It took me months to get up the courage to attend the class (it is the only class listed as a level 3 on the schedule) and the first time I did I totally thought I was going to pass out and left early. I did like the fact that it reminded me of my high school volleyball workouts with all plyometrics involved but waited a few weeks before trying it again. Well, I've gone quite a bit over the past few months and right now I feel like I am in pretty darn good shape, but when I went to her class this morning for the first time in a couple weeks I still got dizzy a couple times! What the heck?! She manages to kill me and deplete me of all energy STILL! She thinks of ways to add jumps in every exercise we do...push-ups with jumping, squats with jumping, jumping on the step, jumping over the step, jumping lunges...and let me tell you, jumping is hard work! I love that she pushes me though and drives me to keep going when I would definitely quit if I was on my own. So, here's to you Michelle for almost killing me every week, but doing it in a way that makes me come back for more!

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