Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine Dates

Today Mike took the day off work and my mom came to watch the girls so we could go out on an actual date - wooo hooo! We went golfing (can you guess which one of us had the idea?) and it was really a lot of fun. I am terrible of course, but actually had a couple good swings today which was encouraging.
Mike on the other hand is really getting quite good...This picture is from the first of his birdies. I was just ecstatic to finish one hole with 6 strokes :-)!

Yesterday Mike surprised us with a trip to the restaurant On The Border. When I was in high school it was my favorite place - first in Dallas and then in Chicago. They recently opened a couple in the Houston area that I didn't know about so it was a great treat. After we were seated at our table we were forgotten for awhile - No drinks, no chips and salsa, no hello for 10 minutes. When the staff realized we were still waiting they were very apologetic and brought us free queso - delicious! I told Mike I would happily wait 10 minutes for free queso any day :-)!

This fountain was outside the restaurant. It was SUPER windy - it felt like we were at the ocean - kind of fun for a change (especially with the girls' balloons)!


The Nixon Family said...

What a fun day with the Hubby! Way to go Mike- a man who is not scared to ask for a day off. I like that! Where is on the border? So fun? Ella's hair is so cute. I will call to get together. Monday maybe???

Kim said...

I love the action shot of Ella at the end there with her balloon. Was that one of her dance routines? :)