Monday, February 25, 2008

When Church Starts at 2pm and 10,000 VIEWS!!!

(I reached 10,000 page loads today for my blog! I'm sure I made up half of those, but still, pretty cool!)
There are 4 wards (congregations) meeting in our church building right now and it is our turn in the rotation for the 2pm time slot. This leaves us a lot of time to kill in the morning and should guarantee that I will be ready on time for church, but I manage to be running late still anyway.
This Sunday to pass the time Ella recorded herself singing with Dad.
Then we all enjoyed the beautiful weather outside for awhile. I wanted to lay out and get some sun before it gets too hot (it is way too miserable to just be laying in the sun during the summer here - a pool is a must have!). With Brittany's wedding coming up I decided I better get to work looking a little more lively :-) and right now we are having perfect weather. Ella was playing and found her little pool from last year, and although I didn't really want to get everything out, I decided I couldn't miss the opportunity to show just how warm it was :-). It is cooling back down again, but it was a nice spring preview...and I actually have a faint tan line.
Some random pictures from the past couple days:
When I went to work Saturday Mike was playing with the girls in the backyard and they came across this little lizard. Ella told me about it when I got home, but I didn't know Mike had taken a picture of it until I uploaded pictures tonight - pretty good shot Mike!
And our pepper plant update...
On Saturday the first little sprouts popped up and only two days later...
Tons! Today is exactly 2 weeks since Ella and I planted the seeds and look how it is thriving :-)! I'm thinking this year I'll just have a few plants in the kitchen window since it gets such great sun and next year I'll try and brave the outdoors again. I have not had a great time with plants in Houston so far...they have all been attacked by fungus or eaten by birds, so I'm hesitant to spend money on a garden again.


Kendall and Lee'sa said...

Where did you get that pepper plant? I totally want one!

Marci said...

At Walmart in their garden section they had them by the cashier stand a few weeks ago. I Love Walmart :-)!

Sarah S said...

2:00 church is KILLER! We had it at 1:00 last year and that was not fun with a child. Now we're back at 9:00 and while it's hard with Eli needing two naps still - but 2:00 would be tough!

Your pepper plant is great :)