Wednesday, February 13, 2008

You Know You Live in Texas When....

Your kids think this big pile of dirt is a mountain. I love Texas, almost everything about it really, but it is quite flat here in Houston. One day when Ella was younger we drove by this big pile of dirt and she asked me what it was so I told her it was a mountain - it's the closest thing we have to one, right? Ever since she excitedly exlaims, "There's the mountain!" when we see it. She will be in for a big surprise if we ever take a trip to Utah and she can see what real mountains really look like!
Yesterday Ella got to celebrate her 1/2 birthday at Joy School (since her birthday is in the summer). I'm glad she got to have a tiny celebration. When I found out she was due to be born in the summer that was the one thing I felt bad about (well, that and being born on Friday the 13th)...having your birthday while in school always seemed like such a treat growing up. We'll see how it goes as she gets older. I brought in pizza for the girls for lunch and some little cupcakes which she was excited about, although I don't really think she gets the half birthday thing. She insists she is "NOT 3 1/2, just 3!"

Also, Ella is officially registered for preschool next year - what a relief :-)! I ended up going with preschool A (Little Saints held at Grace Christian Church) and I am really happy with my decision. Preschool B (Holy Covenant) seemed like a great school too and despite the rave reviews of my friends, the difference in proximity to our house was the deciding factor. I ended up deciding that since I liked both of them about the same it just didn't make sense to go to one that was farther away and cost a little more. I'm also excited because two of Ella's little friends from Joy School decided to enroll at Little Saints too after I told them about it. Ella cannot wait to start her real school!

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Jamie said...

When we were in Utah one of my girls asked why Utah was so dirty? I said, "What do you mean?" She said look at all the big piles of dirt everywhere as she pointed to the beautiful mountains. I guess when you grow up in Houston big magnificent mountains are nothing more than a big pile of dirt.