Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Adventure Begins!

Well, we had a great time in CA and the driving went much better than I was expecting! The ride home wasn't quite as exciting as the way there, but we survived and are back in Katy :-)!
We drove to San Antonio Friday afternoon and spent the night with Mike's family before we all headed out early the next morning. Ella and Addie didn't fall asleep until we had been driving almost 6 HOURS, but they were really good. Here they are after finally giving in to their sleepiness.

Mike and I excited (and looking good :-)!) for our little family adventure. The first day we drove 12 hours, but it was a breeze. The time change heading west definitely helped.

Pretty much the entire drive across west Texas looks like this...a whole lot of nothing! But we did get to see lots of mountains (especially in CA) - here is our first glimpse of a REAL mountain while still in Texas.

We were sure to work our favorite west coast restaurants into our trip. Here we are at In-N-Out in Tucson, AZ, our first overnight stop.
Aunt Chloe loves Ella so much she shared her milkshake....that is some true love!
Some scenic shots by Mike - our little camera was having a hard time focusing, but otherwise I was impressed with the photography skills he has been hiding from me all this time.

Next stop on the route, CAFE RIO! Yes, that's right CAFE RIO :-)! There is one in Phoenix and we were sure to time our departure the next morning so we could eat as soon as they opened and be on our way to CA. It was just as delicious as we remembered it in good old Provo!

We arrived in LA and quickly changed to walk over to Downtown Disney. We strolled around the shops, tried to stay warm (it was REALLY cold that night) and ate at this overpriced restaurant (where the girls did enjoy coloring). I think next time I'm good with walking around downtown Disney and eating at the McDonald's we passed by on our way back to the hotel.

Aunt Chrissy and Addie in their matching green hoodies. We left the rest of the Freeman clan after dinner to get the girls in bed to catch some Z's for the big day tomorrow.


Leighanna said...

Glad to see you guys had fun!! I grew up in AZ... so the pics of the desert remind me of my childhood! I miss In-N-Out!!! Glad you guys got home safe and that your trip went smooth with the girls!

The Nixon Family said...

sounds like a blast. i am glad the girls were good in the car. your food stops make me jelous...

Stephanie said...

that looks like so much fun! And, I was at the Cafe Rio in Phoenix on Tuesday for lunch! We just missed each other, how funny :)