Friday, March 7, 2008

Better Luck Next Time

It is 1:30pm and we just returned home after being gone ALL morning running I pulled into our driveway this is what my backseat looked like. The girls and I had a lot to do today, including a trip to Costco. Those of you who live here know that the drive is not typically pleasant on I-10 due to the eternal construction. The reason for our trip was slightly comical however...
Like I said, the drive to Costco is such that I don't make frequent trips there, especially when there is a Sam's Club so close to us. We do prefer Costco products for the most part though (like the canned meats) so my grandparents, who drive out a couple times a month, will call me when they go and ask if I need anything, pick it up and I write them a check - it's a great arrangement...especially for me :-). Well, a couple weeks ago I had them pick up a box of Huggies wipes because I knew we were getting low (I know many of you love Costco's wipes, but I myself think Huggies are THE best). Yesterday morning the time had finally come when I needed to refill Addie's wipes container so I opened the box (which was taped shut) to find a whole bag of wipes missing! The box comes with 4 big bags of wipes inside, 208 per bag to be exact, and someone had taken a bag and taped it back up! My grandmother came to watch Addie while I got my hair done yesterday and we agreed it was pretty funny that of the whole huge mountain of Huggies boxes, she happened to pick the one a thief previously had possesion of.
So, today we made the treck down to Costco as the last of our errands (my thought was that the girls would take a quick nap on the way, but no luck). I had no receipt but Costco was nice about the return, of course, and after picking up a new box of wipes (which I carefully inspected) and a couple other things I went to get in one of the HUGE lines that had formed since we arrived. By this time Addie was not happy - not screaming, but grumbling - and a nice man let us go in front of him and his packed cart (I politely refused at first but when the lady behind him said she didn't care either I gladly accepted). As I was paying he was loading his things on the runner and he picked up a huge container of blueberries the wrong way and they went Everywhere! I felt really bad that after he had been so nice to us he had such bad luck! Anyway, the girls fell asleep on the drive home for about 15 minutes and I carefully transferred them to their beds. Of course I can hear them both talking in their rooms right now, so here's to early bedtimes tonight and better luck next time to all involved in this tale!


Sarah S said...

Oh Marci! That sounds exhausting. I hate when kids fall asleep in the car and then don't get a real nap after that... you're a good sport!

Fowler family said...

oh its so frustrating when things like that happen. It makes you wish that not only would they exchange it for you but give you some free gas!

My boys' naps have failing days too. They'be started to talk/laugh at eachother in their room too during nap time. And its so frustrating when they take that short little snooze in the car and think they've napped.

Those recipes sound so good! I am going to try them (I'm glad they look pretty easy).