Sunday, March 9, 2008

Early Easter

Since we will most likely be returning home from our trip late on the Saturday night before Easter, we decided to celebrate early so we could still enjoy coloring the eggs, etc. So, today was our unofficial Easter Sunday.
Ella either wrote her name or drew one happy face on each egg - nothing more, nothing less.

I snapped this picture of Addie sleeping last night because she has just recently taken a particular liking to her little doll from Brittany and Ili. The last couple nights when I have gone in to check on her she is holding on to her leg or arm :-).
Yeah! A new butterfly ring!!! This was definitely the highlight of Ella's Easter aside from finding eggs.
Some other weekend shots:
The girls listening to a story at Ella's friend Johnny's birthday party on Saturday.
Addie wants to do everything Ella is when she tried to snag Ella's markers and coloring book I had to set her up with her own set.
And some shots from the front yard this morning:
New matching shirts from the Easter bunny :-) - I love having the girls match and fully intend to live it up while they enjoy it too!

Addie's walking progress:
She is actually doing better than this video shows, although she does still tend to plop down and crawl after a little bit - she's almost there!


Sarah S said...

I LOVE the matching jammies and shirts! So cute! :)

Heber and Chalonn said...

very cute! The girls look so sweet in matching clothes...reminds me of what my little sister and I looked like growing up...till I was like 18 my parents still bought us matching EVERYTHING!!!

Sara Jean said...

Marci, Your girls are so cute! I just get giddy about their matching outfits and PJ's. I want to have two girls that I can dress up the same! No fair! Seriously, though, the whole Easter decorating eggs looks like it was a blast for you and your girls.