Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Journey Home

I try not to put up 2 posts in 1 day, but our internet has been tempermental (hence no post yesterday) so I'm just getting them done while all is going smoothly.

The best word to describe our journey home is LONG! The girls were great and everything went smoothly, it was just a long trip, no way around it. We added on quite a bit of time compared to the trip out to CA because we left from Fresno and drove straight through to Katy (opposed to San Antonio to LA on the way there). But we all survived (although I think it was a close call for Mike who did ALL the driving while I took care of the girls) and looking back even he says he would do it again!
Our last day in Fresno March Madness had begun (wooo hooo) so we relaxed, watched the games, and took a lunch break to Rubio's for some fish tacos (this isn't a great picture, but I was trying to capture all our fun food destinations).
When Addie woke up from her nap later in the day I went to change her diaper and discovered she had managed to get a pacifier down her onesie - it was hard to capture with the camera but it was pretty funny.

We left early Friday morning and the girls slept and slept in the car - they were both exhausted from the constant activity and lack of sleep. When we made it to our hotel that night they were ready to get their wiggles out! Ella ran all around the hotel room acting crazy and Addie pulled out all the kleenex from this conveniently placed (at exactly her height) dispenser. The next morning as we packed up to get in the car yet again Ella told me, "I don't want to leave this hotel!" Poor thing - she knew what was ahead :-)!

Our saving grace on the trip was the DVD player - Ella thought it was such a treat to watch so many shows in one day that she would have driven even further I think. She also loved her "magic" markers that only colored on their "magic" notebook (thanks Sheree for the idea!). By the second half of that last day we were definitely all ready to be done :-)!

HOUSTON!!! It was so exciting to finally feel SO close (Katy is even 30 miles closer than Houston :-)! It was especially exciting to walk into our house and find that my mom and sister Hope had cleaned up for us! We had been hurrying to finish packing and running our last errands before we left and I was literally cooking up the last of the gluten-free pancakes to bring on the trip while Mike was buckling the girls in the car. I had every intention of leaving our house spic-n-span so it would be nice to come home to, but just ran out of time. It was the most wonderful surprise to walk in to a clean kitchen and the girls rooms all picked up :-)! Thank you mom and Hope!

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