Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Let The Madness Begin!

We are still on our vacation in CA and I am trying to stay up on my March Madness brackets at the same time - it is quite challenging. I sent an invite to everyone in my email contacts, but if you didn't get one and want to be part of our challenge here is how you can join my group (Marci's Challenge) on ESPN. I'll post the standings as the games play out. (And even if you don't know anything about the teams or even basketball, fill one out, it is a lot of fun - I promise!):

Go to ESPN's Tournament Challenge Frontpage at: (sorry my link thing isn't working on this computer)

Create a username and password if you have never been on before.
Click on "Create Entry"
In the gray at the top left you will see the name of your bracket and you can click on "Create or Join A Group"
Once you click that just search for my group, by putting in the whole name or just my name, Marci
Click on "Marci's Challenge" when the results come up and then click Join This Group
You are in! Just fill out your bracket and let the games begin! Good luck :-)!

**You need to submit your brackets by tomorrow when the first games being!**

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Liz L said...

I wondered if you were doing this - I missed filling it out online, but lets just say, I'm putting KU down as going all the way! GO JAYHAWKS!!!! JP and I are really hoping that our team does better this year - we watch every year and the whole town gets so sad when our team drops out of the tournament. I've had a couple players in my classes and when they come back from the tournament they are so sad :( Poor kids. Lets hope they have something to celebrate this year!!!