Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Another Reason To Love Lifetime

Well, I must admit I have been a bit of a slacker since our trip when it comes to working out...but we are DEFINITELY going to the gym tomorrow! Ella has been anxious to go back and I meant to on Monday, but Addie was sleeping again and we had a lot of errands to run...and I thought of quite a few other excuses. Later that afternoon we had a message on our machine from Natalie, one of the head ladies at Lifetime's child care center (who has an adorable British accent and always recognizes our phone number when I call in the mornings to schedule Addie's infant appointments, greeting me with a cheery "Halo, Marci!") just calling to make sure we were all ok since they hadn't seen us in awhile. We have been there nearly every morning the past few months and I was really impressed that they called to check on us after not seeing us for a couple weeks. I LOVE it there and it will be sad day if I ever have to stop going. Ella is so excited to see Miss Janet there tomorrow and Miss Venitha at the library - today she told me, "Miss Janet will be so excited to see me!"Backyard fun yesterday...both girls got their first mosquito bites of the season...time to welcome summer back to Houston! At Joy School the girls worked on more pages for their "About Me" books. They made their favorite foods page, we did their shadow silhouttes (I'll have to post pictures of mine compared to Ella's once we're done), and they also their favorite color page. Any guesses what everyone picked? Yep, PINK! Addie loves to sooth her sore gums by biting things, luckily not people. Except Mike always gets her to bite his finger - he's crazy - she bites HARD. Sunday at church they were doing this and I had the brilliant idea to put the tip of my finger in her mouth to see if I could feel new teeth coming in and she caught me, biting down hard. I had the deepest little teeth marks imprinted on my finger and it really stung for a long time after...I learned my lesson!

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Sarah S said...

that's sweet of the lifetime lady to call!! I'm just happy the people at our gym know Eli's name when we show up :) I almost joined lifetime, but went w/ a different gym b/c it was closer and cheaper through a program at ben's work (and I have friends who go to this gym, not lifetime).

I don't know why I just went on that tangent! I'm impressed you are able to go so often. I have resorted to taking walks (in the cold) when we've been sick lately and I didn't want to bring sick Eli to the kids club at the gym. I'm secretly jealous you already have mosquitos!!! We finally can see the ground (and not snow) but everything is still brown and gross. It's April and we still don't have spring weather - sad!! Enjoy your sunshine!