Sunday, April 13, 2008

Baby Eli Orson Pratt

Mike's longtime friend Josh and his wife Stephanie just happen to live in Houston right now while he is attending optometry school, so we were able to go to the blessing of their first little baby this morning, Eli Orson Pratt. He is an absolutely beautiful baby (born on April Fool's Day!) and we were so happy we could be there with them on this special day!
Here are some pictures (the sun was a little blinding):

Ella fell instantly in love with him and would have watched him for hours!


Sarah S said...

He is a beautiful baby!! How fun that we both have an Eli. You'll have to tell them we said congratulations!!

And Stephanie is so skinny! She looks great for having a baby just two weeks ago.

It looks so warm there. We're in the 30s this morning!! Ugh.

Hope said...

"Baby Eli Orson Pratt", is soooooo cute.