Monday, April 14, 2008


So I have nothing exciting to blog about today and I haven't even taken any pictures, which is highly unlike me, so I decided to finally take the typing test I keep seeing on everyone's blogs. Man, my fingers are out of shape :-)! They were totally fatigued after one shot. It's actually pretty fun and gave me a better perception on all the other scores I saw. I definitely was moving my fingers as fast as possible so I don't know how Sarah got over 100 - that is absolutely CRAZY and I think her fingers just may fall off!
86 words

Speed test

In addition to my blogs, I am now addicted to working on my 2007 family book on Blurb. It is way too fun...I've been holding off for a few days now because once I start I don't leave the computer for at least a couple hours and I know I need to enjoy the beautiful weather we are having right now before it starts heating up again.


Kendall and Lee'sa said...

Good job! I'm so fruterated because I used to type 84 wpm, but I just can't get there anymore!

Sarah S said...

I think the only reason I type this fast is out of necessity - taking notes while interviewing people over the phone (for articles) really helped get my speed up. It's stressful trying to get exact quotes in when people are talking at their normal (or fast) speed! My fingers used to get tired, but I practiced keeping them loose/relaxed and now it's not bad.

That is an addicting time test though - it's fun to test yourself like that.

Sarah S said...

and besides, you should feel proud of getting 86 words!! that's way better than what most people can do.

Hope said...

Hey this is hope and I am just saying that you type way faster than I do now or than I ever will!!!