Saturday, April 19, 2008

Ella's Dance Recital

(There are lots of pictures and videos in this, if you only want to watch one video, watch the last one!) Ella's dance recital was last night and it was a lot of fun. She enjoyed being a princess for the evening and didn't quite know how to take all the attention. At times she acted a little silly and crazy and at other times she was really shy :-). Her dance teacher, Lee'sa, was very smart in planning out the program to allow for the little girls to do their dance again at the end! After the first run through Ella was prepared to take the stage the second time around (and with less distractions...if you watch the first tap video you'll hear Lauren from her class hiding in a corner of the stage making Ella laugh :-). Here are plenty of pictures to document every step of the evening:

This is one reason why 3 year olds don't typically wear make-up, they like to rub their eyes!

Ella's version of an arabesque :-).

With all her adoring fans:

Addie making friends while we wait for the recital to start...she really waves to everyone and makes friends everywhere we go. I actually worry about her little feelings being hurt when she is waving and smiling to someone who doesn't happen to turn her direction and smile back!

Ella acting crazy before the recital begins

Still a little crazy as they take their places, but that quickly changed when the music began!

Take 1 of the tap routine

Take 2 of the tap dance - hooray Ella :-)!

With her pretty flowers from Dad

It was Ella's special night so she got to choose our dinner location after the recital...McDonald's! Surprise :-)! I actually think she gets more excited about the chocolate milk than anything else.


michele cabiness said...

How fun! I can't wait to put Charlotte in a dance class. And my advice about the hair cutting situation. Hide your scissors now!!

Sara Jean said...

Those videos were hilarious! I loved how she was running around crazy right before, and then got all shy during the twinkle, twinkle little star routine. Way too cute!!

Leighanna said...

Marci, she looks like a little angel!! But I have to say, I love the picture of the "black eye"!