Sunday, April 20, 2008

Forever Has Arrived

Here are some pictures of the girls before church today. My mom had a friend, Gloria, when they lived in FL and when I was pregnant with Ella she brought over 2 huge boxes of girl clothes for me to go through. The dress Ella has on today is the last thing I have left from the many items she generously gave us. It was so weird to put it on her the time when I was pregnant I held up that "huge" size 4 dress and thought, "It is going to be FOREVER before she will fit in this!" Well, forever has arrived and Ella looks like a full-fledged little girl in it! We have been the beneficiaries of many generous friends of my family and are so thankful to them all - especially the O'Briens in FL and their current neighbors, the Schapers, who have both gone out of their way in their thoughtfulness for our little family!

Ella spotted this little lizard playing peek-a-boo when we went outside to take some pictures and we agreed he was pretty cute :-)!

When we got home from church, Mike brought Addie into the house and when Ella and I made our way in a minute later this is where I found Addie. She seems to think it is her own little stage...


Sarah S said...

that's so nice!!

I love the dancing on the table - Ben's brother in San Diego has a coffee table like that (but pretty beat up - not nice like yours) and their kids are constantly jumping up on it and performing like it's their stage.

JJ & Allison said...

Addie looks so tall standing next to Ella. Can't wait to see you all.