Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Getting Big!

It really struck me today how big Addie is getting! First, when I went to get the girls from the gym child center I couldn't find her inside anywhere. I went outside and she running around all by herself (her favorite worker Rachel was with her supervising, but still!) - she's practically just one of the kids now.We went to Toddler Story-time today at the library instead of the infant one, which was a little weird because the last time I was there was with Ella! We dropped off some things at Nana's and took a picture of her new haircut - sometime in my life I need to be a little adventurous and change my hair up - I loved hers so much it almost inspired me...maybe next year :-)!
Addie is really enjoying her books now too and just looks like such a big girl flipping through each one. She will hand me books to read but I never complete one...she will hand me a new one while I'm still reading her first pick.She is completely IN LOVE with the book Goodnight Gorilla right now. She hands it to me over and over again and will actually sit through the whole thing as we talk about each page (if you have seen it, it doesn't have many words, but Addie highly recommends it!).

And here is a long awaited pepper plant update...soooo many people have been asking me what in the world has happened to them :-)! No, but really, they are doing well - so well that I bought the same type of kit for tomatoes and you can see in the picture that they are doing well too - anyone want a tomato plant? I'm only keeping 3, so let me know!


JJ & Allison said...

I think I want one. I really know I do but I am scared I'll kill it. Or scared my dog will eat it. I want one if you have any more.

Sarah S said...

your mom's hair is so cute!

can I have a tomato plant? :) (j/k)